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I loved our wedding.

Sure, the past 3 weeks included running around whenever I wasn’t at work , last minute meetings with vendors and having a few complete bridal meltdowns (I was told these are normal and I’m sticking to that), but I loved our wedding. It was everything I hoped it would be. It was 4 days of spending time with family and friends, getting beautified, and being with my husband. But now everything has been cleaned up and the vendors paid, the shellac is starting to peel off my nails and there’s a slight feeling of withdrawal.

It’s kind of a bummer.

It’s that same feeling after going on a trip you’ve been planning for a long time. You want to hold on to that Euphoria and not really deal with things like dishes and laundry. I’ve done a fair bit of reading about “Wedding Withdrawal”, and I was pretty shocked about how common it is. After 11 months of planning, it’s like your brain suddenly has room to think about something else, so you end up feeling a little lost. Here’s what I’ve done to try and get over my Wedding Withdrawal:

  1. Spending time with my new husband, family and friends. This seems to be working well. Especially since there’s so much going on! Like friends having babies and such.
  2. Watching lots of Community. It’s funny.
  3. Looking at the pictures that have appeared on Facebook. I look at these a lot. And smile. A lot. It makes me really happy.

But with all this withdrawal, there’s also a new feeling: That of being a new wife. I love my new husband so much, and it makes me absolutely giddy when he says things like: “Wife! Wife! Our show starts in 5 minutes!” Do I feel different? Yes. I don’t know why, but I do. And it’s awesome.


optimus prime cake Pictures, Images and PhotosSurprisingly, I’m actually well organized with 8 months until the wedding. The ceremony/reception venue is booked. The reverend, DJ, string quartet, food, and drinks are all good to go. But that doesn’t stop the brain from scaring the bejeezus out of you that something – somewhere – along the lines will go wrong.

And these fears culminate in the most awesome of nightmares.

Like the other night. Not only did I have to play “Amazing Race” and decipher clues as to where the actual reception was going to be held, but I had left my fiance and one of his friends in charge of the cake. Once I arrived at the right location, there they were. Proud as punch that they had found the perfect one.

A slab cake in the shape of a Transformer.

Optimus Prime, to be exact, bleeding primary colours all over the white linen table cloth.

But they looked so happy, all I could say was, “Thanks. It’s perfect”.

Another one that keeps reoccurring is the peach and gold wedding. If you love peach and gold that’s wonderful, but I’m more into the strong colours. Reds. White. Black. Yet, there it is – Peach and gold throughout the whole hall. I think there were even some grey cherub statues in one of them.

I know there will be glitches on the day of. I still remember my brother’s wedding. How the priest gave them a sermon on “not making a swift decision into marriage” (they had been dating 7 years), and “I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Moser!” (it’s Moses). And yet through it all they were both glowing.

Stressing out about your wedding is natural. Wedding nightmares are par for the course. And something will, inevitably, go wrong on the day. But I hope on our wedding day, if a retro cartoon cake is smiling up at me, covered with peach and gold roses, I’ll grin and say, “Thanks. It’s perfect”.


What about you? Have you ever had pre-wedding nightmares?

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