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One of the best things about my relationship with my husband is that we both have pretty nerdy tendencies. He’s a gamer. Don’t get me wrong; I play my fair share of games. But my real nerd vice is cross stitching.

Actually, I’m pretty addicted. For example, the whole subway home last night I was thinking about settling on the couch, watching Coronation Street and stitching my little heart out. I just bought a new cross stitching kit and I’m working on the upper left side – lots of flowers and background.

My mom taught me how to needlework at a pretty young age. I still remember my first one. I got to pick it out all myself, and for some reason I picked a needlepoint clown. Yeah – I hate clowns. They scare the bejeezers out of me. But that’s what I wanted. I was pretty much hooked (ha! Rug hooking – also cool). My mom and I would sit on the couch and stitch away while we all watched TV. Hers were – and still are when she finds time to pick it up – so intricate and amazing. She’s even made crewel pillows. Impressive, since I still have yet to master any type of crewel anything.

Cross stitching came a bit later than needlepoint. My mom had left a kit alone, since she tried it and liked needlepointing a bit better. I was in awe. It had no printed pattern on it. What?! I found the chart pretty easy to follow. And the more I cross stitched, the more the picture began to magically appear. And to this day, cross stitch is my fave.

Here are a few of my favourite needlework meccas:

  • Michael’s – Michaels carries Dimensions, which is a pretty sweet collection. Beautiful kits and everything you can possibly need included. Great for starters!
  • Sybilla Davis – Specializing in English places of interest, I picked up the St. Ives kit. It was pretty well done and especially great if you have family from that area.
  • Etsy – I just started looking at Etsy for patterns and was blown away by a few. A little pricey, but patterns you won’t find elsewhere. Also, remember that you have to buy the thread separate.

One of the coolest parts of this nerd out addiction is that I’ve been able to pass it on. To my grandmother. Yup. Seems like it would be the opposite way, but not with the CS. And she loves it. In fact, every baby born in the family gets a CS’ed baby blanket. CS forever!

Nerd Out! Cross Stitch Go!


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