optimus prime cake Pictures, Images and PhotosSurprisingly, I’m actually well organized with 8 months until the wedding. The ceremony/reception venue is booked. The reverend, DJ, string quartet, food, and drinks are all good to go. But that doesn’t stop the brain from scaring the bejeezus out of you that something – somewhere – along the lines will go wrong.

And these fears culminate in the most awesome of nightmares.

Like the other night. Not only did I have to play “Amazing Race” and decipher clues as to where the actual reception was going to be held, but I had left my fiance and one of his friends in charge of the cake. Once I arrived at the right location, there they were. Proud as punch that they had found the perfect one.

A slab cake in the shape of a Transformer.

Optimus Prime, to be exact, bleeding primary colours all over the white linen table cloth.

But they looked so happy, all I could say was, “Thanks. It’s perfect”.

Another one that keeps reoccurring is the peach and gold wedding. If you love peach and gold that’s wonderful, but I’m more into the strong colours. Reds. White. Black. Yet, there it is – Peach and gold throughout the whole hall. I think there were even some grey cherub statues in one of them.

I know there will be glitches on the day of. I still remember my brother’s wedding. How the priest gave them a sermon on “not making a swift decision into marriage” (they had been dating 7 years), and “I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Moser!” (it’s Moses). And yet through it all they were both glowing.

Stressing out about your wedding is natural. Wedding nightmares are par for the course. And something will, inevitably, go wrong on the day. But I hope on our wedding day, if a retro cartoon cake is smiling up at me, covered with peach and gold roses, I’ll grin and say, “Thanks. It’s perfect”.


What about you? Have you ever had pre-wedding nightmares?


We watch a lot of Top Chef. It’s definitely in our top 5 favourite shows. Top Chef is also where my fiance and I discovered the world of molecular gastronomy.

Okay – that’s not entirely true. My friend Aaron used to talk about it during our chats at his restaurant but, to be honest, I had no clue what he was talking about. Freeze drying ketchup? Yup. Okay.

Toronto has its own masters of molecular gastronomy in Howard Dubrovsky and co-chef Chris Scott – the mad scientists behind L.A.B. restaurant. And since birthdays were big in my household, what better way to treat my future husband on his birthday (yes, it was actually in September, but everyone should know about this place).

LAB was actually pretty quiet that night, but I really dug the feel. The music wasn’t too loud and it was pretty laid back. We decided on a glass of wine each, 2 apps, 2 mains and 2 desserts. One of the best parts about LAB is that one of the chefs is a vegetarian. That means the veg options are just as sweet as the meat-lovers’, and created with just as much vision. In fact, my fiance liked my main a bit better. Just like we thought it would be, the meal was full of weirdness like pliable oil, pickled tofu, and a chocolate bar covered with Cap’n Crunch cereal. Served tableside. All interesting. All delicious.

Molecular gastronomy has received a fair amount of flack in the last few years for being pretentious. It apparently doesn’t exhibit the proper skills of making things taste good – just making it look pretty. To me, it goes hand in hand. If you can twist someone’s idea of how an ingredient should act – plus make it taste delicious – then it can be enjoyed on two levels rather than one. And I believe it is possible to get both right. The proof is in the marrow mayonnaise.

L.A.B. (Live and Breathe)
651 College St., Toronto

Gold Gazpacho Soup with Pickled Tofu & Green Tea Powder

Flank Steak with Frites & Marrow Mayonnaise


Soft Chocolate Bar with Cap'n Crunch & Mint Powder

Dear Jerk,

First off, I’m really sorry I stepped on your heels as I was walking up the escalator this morning. I’m not really a morning person and wasn’t looking where I was going. I’ll definitely pay closer attention the next time I’m walking up an escalator and make a better, more calculated decision as to which step I use.

It must have hurt a lot, because you decided the appropriate level of response was to turn around and yell, “What the f***, b****? You f*****g stepping on my f*****g feet? F*** you, b****. Stepping on my feet.”

I’m sorry I didn’t stop to ask what had happened to make your day start out so badly, but you scared me, so I ran away.

Ran away fast.

So, I hope your day is getting better, and please don’t be waiting for me tomorrow at the station. I really didn’t mean it, and I’d like you not to get all stab-y on me.



It’s nice to finally be settling down and writing this. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but procrastinated big time. It’s a habit. I’m trying to break it. To be honest, I haven’t written for myself in awhile. Sure, I write for other reasons, but I mean something that comes from “M.U.S.E.”. To remind myself of all those stories I wrote when I was little. I had pages and pages of maps, character developments, story lines and full fiction that, even looking back on it now, I’m not actually that embarrassed about.

That’s what I want. I want to love it again.

When I don’t write these stories, I can actually physically feel it. And I start to get a bit stupid. My vocab dwindles and I don’t speak as well. I’ve been feeling that a bit lately, but was really lazy about the whole sitting down at the computer thing. Ugh.

This past weekend, my fiance and I went to a retreat up north to Haliburton for his work. I love Toronto, don’t get me wrong, but being in God’s Country is, well, next to godliness. The drive up was immaculate. The sun was out, the trees were covered with snow. We went snowshoeing, just the two of us. We ended up at a strange camp that looked like something out of a horror movie. We took a picture of me pretending to be scared and pointing at said camp. And we held hands. A lot. It was magical.

And quiet.

And it’s where I made the decision to start writing this blog “for realz”.
I came back more calm and centered and ready to rock.

There are some pretty sweet things coming up. Our wedding. A trip to England. And general awesomeness.

And maybe an improved vocab. Fingers crossed.

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